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Death - “Pull The Plug (Remastered)” from the album ‘Leprosy - Reissue’ coming April 29, 2014 (N.America) , April 25 (Germany/Benelux), April 28 (UK/World) via Relapse Records on 2XCD/Deluxe 3XCD/LP/DIGITAL

German power metal icons, GAMMA RAY, are pleased to unleash their long-anticipated new full-length, Empire Of The Undead, set for release this Spring.

A record that almost wasn’t, Empire Of The Undead was composed throughout 2013 with Eike Freese (Dark Age) at the mixing desk alongside bassist/co-writer, Dirk Schlächter, and was nearing completion before Hammer Studios, their home, rehearsal space, and meeting point for many metal bands throughout Germany, had burned down leaving much of its contents in ruins. Fortunately, the Empire Of The Undead masters managed to make it through unscathed. “If this could not stop us, nothing ever will,” joked light-hearted GAMMA RAY vocalist Kai Hansen, adding that, “We got rid of a lot of shit that we gathered there. Unfortunately, a lot of good equipment as well. Anyhow, we look towards the future, we saved the production and we can continue now in this new place.”

Empire Of The Undead will be released in North America on CD, LP and digitally via Armoury Records in conjunction with earMusic on April 15, 2014.

Capital Chaos TV November 2013 Playlists‏

November 9th, 2013

Beduk - its a riot
Clock Strikes XII - enter in
Falling To Pieces - live in Oakland
Angela - date oopsie
Deftones - romantic dreams
Saxon - power and the glory & interview with Biff Byford
November 23rd, 2013
Orphaned Land - all is one
Bovine - thank fuck i ain’t you
Exodus - bonded by blood live in San Francisco
Brick + Mortar - bangs
Guinevere - ran for my life
Killswitch Engage - rose of sharyn live in Oakland & interview Mike D’antonio

Capital Chaos TV with Themighty Zee & Josh Mosh on Rampage Radio 11/30/13

Wicked Mystic by Annihilator from In Command 
Lightning To The Nations by Diamond Head from Borrowed Time 
Left For Dead by Winds Of Plague from Resistance 
The Scavengers Daughter by When The Deadbolt Breaks 
Badlands by Metal Church 
Feel The Fire by Overkill from Feel The Fire 
Failure In The Flesh by Through The Eyes Of The Dead 
Maniacally Unleashed by Revocation 
Skinned Alive by Sacrilege BC 
Terror Strikes by Sacrifice from Forward To Termination 
Radiation Sickness by Nuclear Assault from Game Over 
 Victims by TT Quick 
Chopped In Half by Obituary from Cause Of Death 
Killing Machine by Atrophy from Socialized Hate 
Shield Wall by Amebix from Sonic Mass 
Thirsty and Miserable by Black Flag from Damaged 
Painful Perception by Severe Torture 
Apocalyptic Havvok by Goatwhore 
The Cock Is Dead by Bonsai Kitten from Done With Hell 
Behind Barbwire by The Casualties from Resistance 
Impaler by Exodus from Another Lesson In Violence 
Voodoo by Black Sabbath from The Mob Rules 
Stormblast by Dimmu Borgir from Stormblast 
The Pestilence by Kreator from Pleasure To Kill 
Bomb Food by Artillery 
The Alien by Sacred Blade 
Warmaster by Bolt Thrower from The Peel Sessions 
Suicide Command by Coroner from RIP 
Take Em Alive by E.S.P. 
We Want You by Banshee 
Dreams by King Diamond 
Old World Nights by Oliver Magnum 
 Wasteland by Toxik 
Blood Under Heaven by Dissenter 
Needle Damage by Chaos Horde 
Dehumanise by Faith or Fear 
Night On Brocken by Fates Warning from Night On Brocken 
Cross Eyed Mary by Clutch 
Doctor Doctor by Fireball Ministry 
Cannibal Holocaust by Soulfly from Savages 
Satans Blood, Lucifers Fire by Satans Wrath from Aeons Of Satans Reign 
Yellow Teeth by Protest The Hero 
Want Some by Pro Pain 
When Darkness Falls by Killswitch Engage 
Revel In Flesh by Entombed from Left Hand Path 
Phobophobia by Vio-Lence from Eternal Nightmare 
Fucking Hostile by Machine Head 
Something For Nothing by Rush from All The Worlds A Stage 
To High To Get It Right by Accept from Metal Heart 
Head On by Armoured Saint from La Raza 
Chemical Nuce by Flotsam And Jetsam from Unatural Selection 
Back In The Village by Iron Maiden from Powerslave 
Metal Rap by Lone Rager 
Wash The Planet Clean by Agent Steel from Alienigma 
Burnt Offerings by Legacy 
Ignorance by Sacred Reich 
Hellbound by Viking 
Keeper Of The Flame by Overlorde 
Violence Is Golden by Fatal Violence 
Spare No Lives by Tactics 
Nothing Left by Santum 
Into Darkness by Gargoyle 
Death Awaits You by Ripper 
The Money Will Roll In by Fang from Landshark 
Metamorphosis of a Monster by Blind Illusion from The Sane Asylum 
Pallid Hands by In Solitude 
Cackwhiff by MDSO 
 Wage Slave by Mannequin Planet from Insane Experiments 
 How To Act by DRI from Dealing With It 
 Girls Like You by Smegma and The Nunz 
 Just Drink Some Beer by Gang Green 
 Give and Take by Mallethead 
 Rat Fink by Misfits 

AmbPirate chats with Orgy @ Assembly Sacramento 11/30/13

Orgy is an American synthrock band formed in 1994, from Los Angeles, California. Orgy described their music as “death pop”.

Orgy was formed in 1994 by vocalist Jay Gordon and guitarist Amir Derakh and Ryan Shuck. Bassist Paige Haley, and drummer Bobby Hewitt soon completed the line-up. Derakh had previously gained some fame in the 1980s metal band Rough Cutt, and Hewitt was a former member of Electric Love Hogs. Gordon and Derakh were also experienced producers, having produced Coal Chamber's self-titled CD.

Within six months Jonathan Davis, who performed with Shuck in Sexart, signed Orgy to Korn's label Elementree Records.


Get ready to fire one up to the soothing torrent of “Shatter Their Bongs,” packing a bong-bastic surge of lung-blackening auditory intoxication from red-eyed riffmanglers,CANNABIS CORPSE. Harvested from their impending Splatterhash split with GHOUL, the second of CC’s two tracks on their contribution of the co-release, “Shatter Their Bongs” is the first from the band to showcase the lungpower of bassist Land Phil (Iron Reagan, Municipal Waste)

ELUVEITIE Parting Ways With Longtime Violinist MERI TADIC

ELUVEITIE will amicably part ways with longtime violinist Meri Tadic at the end of 2013. The "Eluveitie & Friends III" festival, which will take place on December 28 in Frauenfeld, Switzerland, will mark her final appearance with the Swiss folk metal act.

States the band: “‘There is an end to all things’ is a saying. Nevertheless, having to say goodbye is never easy.

"Meri has been an important part of ELUVEITIE for 11 years; we have played hundreds of shows around the globe together!

"We will miss Meri, but foremost we want to say: Thank you for 11 years spent together!

"Every ending means a new start and a new chance.

"We are looking forward to working with Meri's successor very much and to have new musical influences this way.

"We are in the midst of a creative working progress for our new album. In this sense, this means: Excitement and creative mode: ON!"

Adds Meri: “After 11 years of ELUVEITIE, I have decided to go a new way and leave the band.

"I have lived a wonderful and unique time with this band. On stage and during our countless journeys, there have been difficult, demanding times as well.

"My decision has nothing to do with IRIJ and the album I released in January.

"Many of you know that IRIJ was founded years ago but that it never had any influence on the band. Also, my album release has nothing to do with the time of my departure. This really is a coincidence. Still, I will be working with all my strength to move forward musically, and thus I now focus on the new output, the first live shows, rehearsals, new influences and possibilities.

"It is not easy to find the right words.

"The past 11 years have been a magical time; through and through and I have lived and enjoyed them with all my heart.

"A part of me will surely keep on living within ELUVEITIE, ‘cause this has never been just a band but lifeblood to me. Therefore, I want to thank all of our wonderful fans around the world at first. You have been a most priceless enrichment to my life and I will always think back happily to the times we have been through and to all the passion I have seen burning in your eyes, fists and faces! Thanks for celebrating us every single night! Without you, we would never been around!!!

"My brothers and sister ChrigelAnnaIvoPädeKay and Rafi I wish the best of luck, success and joy on the ongoing way. I will miss your pretty ‘flutfaces’ and hope you will behave yourselves out there. All that we have lived through together will never be forgotten and I am proud to see how much we achieved together. Make me proud and rock the world, my dear friends. Hope to see some of you on tour again. Sometime, somewhere…

"To conclude this statement, I would like to quote one of the best metal bands of all time, without whom I might never have started to play the fiddle in a death metal band. ‘We are blind to the world within us, waiting to be born!

"Cheers to all, let’s not be sad, but by joyfull!!!

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